MG Renewables owns and runs LopotaHPP, located in Kakheti region, village Napareuli.

In 2018 company’s plan is rehabilitation of Dzama HPP, located in Kareli region, village Zghuderi.

Lopota HPP

Lopota HPP is located in Georgia, Kakheti region, on the river.

The construction of SHPP Lopota started in 2003 with an acquired debt financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Bank of Georgia (BoG).

During construction the plant was damaged due to a flood and the construction could not be completed due to a lack of finances. In 2008 the rehabilitation (designer JSC “Georgian Water Project”) of the plant with help and financial assistance from the USAID – Rural Energy program was started. In March 2012 the rehabilitation was completed and the plant went successful into operation.

Two horizontal axis units of 900KW with “Francis” frontal type, RO82-ГМ-59 hardware model turbine and СДН2-16-49-6У3 model synchronic electric engine (as generator) are installed in the power house, The net head 56.0 m and the designed water discharge 4.1 m3/s, installed capacity of HPP equals 1800kW and the annual power output estimated to 7.0 GWh/yr.

The civil structures consist of the earth dam 32.8 m long with facing from precast reinforced concrete assembling plates and performs spillway function, side intake structure, sand-trap, the forebay with the flat gate and the trash rack, the headrace pipeline, surge tower and penstock. The intake structure has one weir gate (flushing sluice), two intake hole with the trash rack and two gate.

Dzama HPP

In earlier 1960th Dzama HPP was used for energy providing to 10 villages of Kareli district, two car-tractor stations and partly Agara-sugar factory.

The construction of the plant was finished in 1945. One horizontal axis units with “Francis” frontal type, ФТУ-2 hardware model turbine and С-148-6-8 model synchronic generator was installed in the power house, the net head was 22.5 m.

The civil structures consist of the weir 26m long with the side intake structure, the derivation channel, the forebay and penstock, with the flat gate and the trash rack. The intake structure has one weir gate (flushing sluice), one intake hole with the trash rack and one gate. The rubble masonry headrace channel is 1.7 km long, rectangular shape and designed discharge. The channel ends at a forebay, which consists bottom/flushing outlet with gate, one trash rack and one intake gate to the penstock.

The operation of the plant is of “run of river” mode. The staff of the plant will be 15 persons in total, assigned with operation and maintenance of the plant. There isn’t information about power output of the plant in last years of operation.

Ghvanana HPP – 1 MW

MG Renewables LLC started the development of Ghvanana HPP in July 2018 . SHPP Gvanana project is located in Kareli municipality, close to settlement Zghuderi, on river Ghvanana. Ghvanana is right tributary of river Dzama with tributary place in Zghuderi.